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  • Get a good night’s

    • sleep the night before. Look fresh, revitalised and ready to rock your interview answers!

  • Dress appropriately:

    • Smart casual is best.

  • Know your personal strengths and put a list together

    • I.e. experience, teamwork, promotions, loyalty, leading teams, hitting KPI’s.. We love to hear them.

  • Turn your phone on silent during your interview.

    • Show your manners off.

  • Articulate your answers professionally and positively.

    • Remember, we’re comparing how you would act on our clients site.

  • Be comfortable and don’t be too serious.

    • Want brownie points? Showcase us your happy, energetic personality and eagerness to join the most unique labour hire business around.

If you are looking for work, these are a few simple tips to make you stand out from the crowd!


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